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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glazed Nectarine Tart Recipe

These glazed nectarine tarts, make for a scrumptious breakfast item. This delicious recipe will make six of these heavenly treats. They are made with puff pastry, that is smothered in butter and baked to a golden brown. Then the mouth-watering nectarines are placed on top and drizzled with the sweet apricot jam.

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French Style Mussel Recipe

 Making this French mussel recipe is pretty simple. But care needs to be taken when cooking this type of seafood. You do not want to get sick from bad shell fish. So make sure You follow the recipe to a tee and everything will be fine. These French mussels are full of flavor and this recipe will make a total of four mouth-watering servings.

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Fruit Fondue Recipe

This delectable fruit fondue, would be perfect for breakfast or as a tempting dessert, after dinner. You could even serve it as an appetizer, before meals. Making this fruit fondue recipe is, so simple. All You really have to do, is mix all the ingredients together and chop, Your favorite fruit and it’s ready to serve.

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Hot Chocolate Custard Recipe

This luscious, hot chocolate custard will surely bring a warmth to, Your kitchen. The rich and chocolaty taste of this custard dessert makes it a charming dish, Your entire family will enjoy. This custard recipe makes a total of four mouth-watering servings. It’s a really simple recipe to make and it should only take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

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Prawn and Scallop Stir Fry Recipe

Learn how to make this scrumptious prawn and scallop stir fry, with this easy to follow recipe. Delicious prawns and scallops are cooked in a sultry combination of ginger, chillies, garlic and pepper, until they absorb all the wonderful flavors. Creating a rich seafood dish, that serves six and tastes amazing.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Vegetable Paella Recipe

Make this rich and hearty, vegetable paella recipe, for lunch or dinner. The delicious taste of fresh roasted vegetables, mixed with rice and smothered in coriander and lemon juice is simply divine.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Pudding Recipe

This delicious chocolate fudge pudding recipe will, make about four mouth-watering servings. If Your a chocolate lover, You’re really going to enjoy the marvelous taste of this pudding. It will only take about one hour to prepare and cook. But every minute is worth it, ounce You bite into this delicacy.

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Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Making this homemade macaroni and cheese recipe is pretty simple and it feeds about six people. First, You start off by cooking the pasta, then You create a delicious cheese sauce on the stove top and then it’s all combined and baked in the oven, until it’s rich and creamy.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Make Cherry Turnovers

These scrumptious cherry turnovers, would make a delicious item to serve for breakfast or as a light snack, during the day. There pretty simple to make and the rich and savory taste of cherries, will help You, get Your day started, on the right foot.

"Learn How to Make Cherry Turnovers"
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Learn How to Make Citrus Jelly

 This tantalizing citrus jelly is made with, a delicious combination of lemons, limes and oranges. The sweet and citrus taste of this homemade jelly, makes it one of the best, jellies I’ve tasted. This citrus jelly recipe, makes about four flavorsome servings.

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Chocolate Crepe Recipe

 You’re going to learn how to make two, tasty things with these recipes. The first, Your own homemade crepes, these can be used with a wide variety of fillings. I especially like mine, with fresh fruits, jellies or jams. The second recipe, you will learn is a wonderful chocolate filling. That can also be used, for other recipes. Like a cake filling or even a delicious topping.

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Coffee Granita Recipe

 Making this coffee granita is as simple, as making a cup of coffee. I like to make this delicious coffee granita, the night before and serve it, as a dessert the next day. It has a total of three ingredient, so You know, exactly what is in it. It is kind of strong, but who doesn’t, like a strong coffee. Making this cold coffee dessert is really simple and this recipe will make about four servings, of this heavenly brew.

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Chocolate Brandy Cream Recipe

 This sweet and savory, chocolate brandy cream recipe, makes four servings. It has the delectable taste of chocolate mixed with, a little coffee essence and My favorite, brandy. Then the chocolaty mixture is folded into a rich cream and chilled to perfection.

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Cherry Mousse Recipe

This heavenly cherry mousse has, a rich and creamy taste, that is simply divine. The flavor filled, cherry mousse recipe, makes a total of eight mouth-watering serving. It makes the perfect dessert, to serve after lunch or dinner and everyone will be sure to love its  lush taste.

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Cherry Pie Recipe

Making this heavenly cherry pie is really easy and it would be fun for the entire family to get involved. This cherry pie recipe will serve between, six to eight family members. And its divine taste and crispy crust will leave them in a delightful mood, all day long.

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Banana Custard Recipe

This flavor filled banana custard recipe serves a total of four and can be doubled, to serve up to eight. I like to eat this banana custard for breakfast. For a real pick me up, in the morning. It’s delicious taste also makes it the perfect dessert to serve at parties or on special occasions.

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Almond Cake Recipe

This delicious almond cake recipe is really easy to make. It has a total of six ingredients, so You know, it’s a healthy alternative to, just buying an off the shelf cake from the super market. This almond cake recipe will, make a total of eight mouth-watering servings.

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Learn How to Make Homemade Cheese

Learn how to make this homemade cheese. With this simple to follow recipe and a few ingredients. You have not lived unless, You’ve made Your own cheese. Well that is what My grandmother, always told me. In this video tutorial, made by Shows almost exactly the same method, My grandma taught, Me when I was young.

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This Kung Po Chicken dinner, tastes amazing. The recipe hails from the Chinese Provence of Szechuan, which is famous for their spicy cuisine. The hot and spicy taste of this Kung Po Chicken is really refreshing. This recipe makes a total of four mouth watering servings.

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Balsamic Chicken Recipe

Learn how to make this delicious balsamic chicken with this simple to follow recipe. It makes the perfect dish for lunch or dinner. This balsamic chicken recipe, makes a total of four serving and can easily doubled to make more if needed.
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Top Seven Super Foods

When You think of super foods, You probably think of, only the greens. Well this year its all about the blacks. These black super foods contain a wide variety of antioxidants, that have a superior nutritional value, over their green counterparts. If You want to stay healthy this year, You better start adding these black super foods into Your daily diet. They taste delicious and are really good for You. What more, could You ask for.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black Cherry Crepes

Learn how to make these scrumptious black berry crepes in this simple to follow recipe. The delicious taste of black cherry crepes are perfect for breakfast. There healthy and are sure to be a hit with the entire family. This flavor filled, black berry crepe recipe, makes a total of four servings and can easily be adjusted to make as many as is needed.  

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